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Corduroy jacket

I’ve been seeing corduroy jackets all over Instagram and Pinterest, so it was just about time to make my own. I found the perfect camel corduroy fabric when I was traveling in Budapest (at an incredible price of 5€/m) and I had to cut into it as soon as I got home ;-)

I used another Burda easy pattern for this one (issue 03/2019 or available online) and made a few alterations.

I wanted to create a slightly oversized jacket. I LOVE oversized/boyfriend fit jackets, but I can’t really buy the RTW ones because they’re usually too oversized for me (I’m only 1.62m) ;-)

Size and alterations

The pattern is a very basic jacket pattern, nothing special here. Usually I would go for the smallest size available, here I sized up to a size 36 to have enough room to wear a sweater underneath. I widened the sleeves by drawing several slash lines that run along the sleeve parallel to the grainline. I cut along these slash lines and spread the sleeve apart (around 1cm) – you can see how I did it in this picture:

Then I traced the new sleeve pattern onto my fabric. I also had to increase the size of the armhole of the front and back part of the jacket to make the wider sleeves fit.

I absolutely love how the sleeves turned out, and they make the jacket so comfy to wear!

The original pattern featured pressure fasteners, but I’m not a big fan of them on jackets so I used jeans buttons instead.

Problems I had with this pattern/fabric:

  • The pocket flaps turned out way too big and made it look super bulky – I ended up ditching the flaps altogether and just leaving the pockets open

  • Topstitching the corduroy fabric was a bit tricky and I had to play with the thread tension of my machine. I ended up doing only the most necessary topstitching - as I wasn’t using thread in a contrasting colour you can’t really see the topstitching anyway.

Things I would change if making it again:

I would definitely make the pockets smaller as I think they look a little too big. I would also draw a different pocket shape as the rectangular pockets look a bit basic ;-)

Hope you like my jacket as much as I do – spring is around the corner and I can’t wait to wear it!

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