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Striped knit cardigan

I made a super comfortable cardigan, perfect for working from home when it’s a little colder. I love wearing cardigans as they are so easy to throw on and keep you warm. Perfect for colder spring days, where you need an extra layer.


I used a pattern by Aware Collection, it’s called the Lana Set - it comes with a trouser pattern but I decided to just make the top, because I needed a new cardigan. It’s a simple cropped cardigan that has optional patch pockets and can be closed with a button. I decided to make it without pockets and button because the pattern is quite busy already, so I didn’t need to add any more details.

I cut the smallest size, but as I already saw on the pictures that the cardigan was really quite short, I added 2-3 cm length. I’m quite short (1.62m) and it turned out the perfect length for me! If you are any taller, I would suggest adding even more length if you don’t want to go for the ultra cropped look. I found the cardigan very easy to sew. I didn’t even look at the instructions, it was clear to me how it was supposed to be made just from looking at the pattern pieces.


The fabric I used is a slub sweater knit fabric in black and beige from Minerva (gifted fabric). I love the texture of the fabric and it was easy to work with. This is the perfect fabric for making sweaters or cardigans. I used 1.5m of fabric and it was the amount I would suggest you to get if you want to make a similar project.

I’m really happy about my new cardigan, I know I will get lots of wear out of it. Let me know if you like the cardigan I made. If you have any questions, just drop me a message!

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